Heart Bangle

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Our new collaboration with London based jeweller Pippa Small is a simple and easy to wear bangle made by young women who are refugees, supported by UNICEF and Turquoise mountain Jordan.*

* Turquoise Mountain has begun its incredible work in Jordan with the aim of training a new generation of artisans to maintain important cultural traditions, which will create jobs, income, and support local artisan businesses. Work is taking place in refugee camps and in local communities to connect young people and families to their heritage, past and identity, through education and outreach.

The income generated by this project goes directly to help these artisans in this livelihood project. 

Our creativity is in part what makes us human and to see the hope and confidence this project has given the young women who have been through so much is an inspiration. 

In creating this piece together we intend to evoke deep and joyful memories to the wearer.

Product Details: Solid silver bangle with 18 kt Gold

Pippa was named ambassador of the human rights organisation, 'Survival International' and awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2013 for her ethical jewellery and charity work. At Soler, we are honoured to be sharing this collaboration together.
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