Alex & The Atelier

In 2009, in a bustling Golborne road home something began surfacing that was to become Soler. Alex began designing a small collection of one off pieces with a bespoke concept.

Friends would gather around her living room to choose fabric samples and styles that would then be made for only them. The location of her home served as inspiration for both designer and customers as they walked through the portobello vintage traders and eclectic mix of cultures absorbing the bohemian lifestyle. An atelier was born.

As Alex and Soler grew, so did her concept of unique and bespoke. Alex’s sister, artist Monica Subide, began to treat panels of fabric as her canvas and together they created wearable pieces of art. Monica’s hand became an integral part of the Soler style, creating the brand’s prints from her dynamic paintings and marrying them with Alex’s relaxed yet sophisticated silhouettes.

Soler settled into it’s current atelier off of Portobello and Golborne road and over time grew it’s popularity. Women started responding to Alex’s ethos of ignoring trends and instead focusing on special pieces that are both distinctive and timeless at the same time. Stemming from a love of vintage, she believes in well crafted pieces that you will cherish and wear over and over again. This reputation and her travels around the world gained her international recognition and celebrity following. Now expanding ever further, for two years Soler is found in select boutiques and department stores scattered across the continents.

Meet The Team

Monica Subide

Talented artist and sister to Alex. Her hand is the creativity behind all our prints and hand painted fabrics. She greats life the same way as a canvas with an explosion of colour and collages of organic shapes.

Frida Dajlanaj

Our head tailor and pattern developer. Frida makes sure every Soler piece is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. There's no alteration Frida can't do.

Saeda Rizvani

Another pair of talented hands, Saeda has been stitching next to Frida since Soler was just a baby. Oh how she can frill like no one's business.

Mariglena Bushi

The latest addition to our Soler famyly and possibly the fastest hand with a pair of scissors. Mari has been cutting and stitching your pieces under Frida's wing for a couple of years now.

Mishari Al-Bader

Mishari is Alex’s husband and co-founder/director at Soler. Perhaps the most important inspiration behind his partner with his love of colours and beauty. From day 1 he has been integral to Soler’s development. His forte has been strategy, idea generation to brainstorming on creative ideas with Alex 24/7.

Phil Murrell

He is our numbers man, Phil loves to analyse and calculate so it woud only make sense to let him do his thing with accounts and see if he can predict our future from all the numbers he crunches.

Our Materials

Our lace comes from one of the oldest English lacemakers. They have an incredible passion for their craft and pride themselves in their library of rescued vintage patterns which otherwise would have been lost forever.

Our cottons come from the finest Indian mills, that is what gives them the extra soft and sheer feel that is perfect for hot summer days.

Our talented embroiderers also come from this magical country known for it's precision needlework.

Our silks and leathers both come from Alex's home region of Barcelona. Where highly skilled printers work amazingly to get the colours right down to the last inkjet drop and our leather poets find butter-soft nappa leathers to craft each style.