Alex always wears a gold heart on a cord around her neck, which she was given as a birthday present years ago, bought by a friend on a beach in Greece . After many requests for something similar from customers, she decided to approach Lucy Simmons, a friend and local jewellery designer, and together they worked on this beautiful, simple piece. Alex and Lucy both adore everything that the heart symbolises, from the purity of love in all it’s many forms, to openness and compassion. They wanted the heart to be playful and not too perfect looking, like it had been hand drawn, a piece that becomes a part of you, to be worn on it’s own or mixed up with your other necklace layers.

 In the spirit of love and giving, we are donating £10 from each piece sold to the Children’s Book Project. Lucy had volunteered at this charity during lockdown and has seen first hand the huge difference that they have been making, they have grown so much in the last year, from a small local West London project, to become a national charity providing books to disadvantaged families.