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Pre-Christmas Holiday

Anyone who's met Alex, knows she is a non-stop energy ball. And when she is not at Soler, she is off exploring the world for inspiration.

This Winter, she went to Costa Rica for a family holiday of surfing and jungle trekking.

"I love Costa Rica. We were having such a good time, that it all went too quickly. It was good trip."

-Alex, Soler Founder-


Soler ❤ Sophie Anderson

I loved working with Sophie. I think our first Soler ❤ Sophie Anderson collaboration came out with a mix of Sophie's adventurous essence & Soler's playful spirit; which I ❤ !
-Alex, Soler Founder-


ARossGirl ❤ Soler

Net-A-Porter Exclusives

"Net-A-Porter has been a great partner to collaborate with. They have a lovely team that has made the process friendly and approachable.

Personally, I'm a big fan of collaborations. I feel they are a great way to connect, help, learn and compliment each other. And I have to say, this new season has been no different thanks to them."

-Soler founder, Alex-


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