December in Costa Rica

Learn how Alex got inspired...

Costa Rica is one of the 7 Blue Zones

World wide, there are 7 blue zones according to Dan Buettner from National Geographic.

If you've never heard about the blue zones, they are areas in the world where the quality of life allows people to live longer.

This may sound like preaching, but after several holidays there, I'm convinced it's true. It's a place that recovers you completely.


Why we love Costa Rica for holidays?

In a nutshell, activities are key!

As a mum, choosing a holiday destination can get tricky. If you want to rest, breath and have a proper reset; then getting the family entertained is essential.

For us, Costa Rica works perfect. I like to call it "from surf to soul". While dad & mum go to yoga, the kids swim and surf and everyone is happy.

I also love eating out there. There might not be a million places to eat in, but each one, is so good, that nothing else is needed.

Nature Zen

There is something about being so close to nature that puts your mind set in a different place.

When all the sounds that surround you are birds, monkeys and waves crashing; you become a different person after 48hrs.

This is really what I find most inspiring. Its a place where my ideas start getting clearer and where new perspective rises and design are born.

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